1. Talent Attraction

Recruiting the best employees is the key to the success of Silin in the future. Silin is determined to become the world's leading supplier of cables and wires. This strategy is of global significance. In order to achieve this goal, we must continue to attract high-end talents in the professional field.

We will:

To further develop our reputation and enhance our global influence. In order to meet the needs of the future, we should carry out targeted recruitment activities. Develop recruitment process to attract and recruit all kinds of professionals and professional service personnel with relevant skills and experience.

We will:

Enhancing the needs and initiative of our employees by developing their professional skills, setting clear career expectations and providing good support, we will continue to develop our own professional echelon, while ensuring that our employees clearly understand their mission and role in their career.

2. Talent Training

Silin's core strength is talent. Silin's strategic goal and mission is to train, develop and support talents and help our employees realize their career aspirations and ideals.

3. Retaining Talents

We need to create an environment where our employees can grow and succeed, and where they can see their contributions to the company.

Our employees can get more opportunities to improve their abilities in Silin. Our workforce is diverse, and all employees recognize how to contribute to the overall success of Skin. At the same time, we will continue to identify, develop and manage our internal talent and staffing.

We will:

Ensure that all senior and grass-roots managers are aware of their main responsibilities, have the ability to perform their duties, and review and recognize their performance. Our scientific management approach continues to support management responsibilities, while continuing to develop and improve employee engagement and communication methods. Ensure that management advocates the values and behaviors of Silin and has the courage to challenge and solve problems that employees do not conform to our values.

4. Excellent Leadership and Management

Our mutually supportive leadership and management team will create a successful environment for our employees. To meet our strategic advantages in all aspects.

5. Advanced, Collaborative and Healthy Working Environment

Creating a progressive, collaborative and healthy working environment is conducive to the development of all aspects of employees.

With the development of the company, we constantly communicate with all employees and listen to their opinions. Actively support the health, welfare and safety of employees, create an environment for continuous improvement, and help employees grow and develop. Let our employees feel that the work they do is valuable, participatory and fulfilling.

To enable management to actively assess and manage the welfare and health of employees both inside and outside the team, and to provide relevant support and data to ensure a healthy working environment. In implementing change, we also ensure that our culture and traditions are maintained and that we always support our employees.