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Shanghai Silin Company Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Brazil’s Alnor Cable Company

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Shanghai Silin Company Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Brazil’s Alnor Cable Company

On June 21st, the Alnor Cable Company of Brazil once again came to Shanghai Silin Special Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. (“Shanghai Silin”) to conduct full communication and communication on the further cooperation between the two parties. After two days of exchanges, the two sides reached a consensus on the way of cooperation and signed a memorandum of cooperation on June 24. It is agreed that the two parties will cooperate in research and development of new products and the development of new markets in South America.

The memorandum determines the way the two sides cooperate and clarifies the responsibilities and obligations of both parties. The two sides fully realized that the cooperation between the two sides is based on the new products needed for the development of Brazilian society and has been based on the cooperation and support of the Brazilian government.


(The picture shows the two parties exchange exchange memorandum)

As early as March of this year, the two sides signed a letter of intent for cooperation in Shanghai, clarifying the willingness of cooperation between the two sides. The signing of this memorandum opened the prelude to the deep cooperation between the two sides, marking the beginning of a new phase of cooperation between the two sides. It not only pointed out the direction for future cooperation, but also created conditions for Srilin Cable to enter the South American market, which is beneficial to the two sides to play complementary advantages and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

According to the memorandum of cooperation, Alnor will apply for patents in Brazil for the patented products owned by Silin, and use its favorable resources in the local area to provide all possible convenience and support for the research. Silin will develop a new aluminum alloy cable standard that meets the Brazilian grid requirements based on Brazilian cable standards. In order to make the cooperation progress smoothly, Silin will also send staff to Brazil to form a working group with Alnor to carry out a series of work.