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Silin won the recognition of Shanghai high tech achievements transformation project in 2019

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Silin won the recognition of Shanghai high tech achievements transformation project in 2019

This year, in the second and sixth batch of high-tech achievements transformation projects announced by Shanghai high tech achievements transformation office in 2019, the “medical detection sheath cable” project and “smooth building cable” project of Shanghai Silin Special Equipment Co., Ltd. were recognized respectively.

With the in-depth development of the construction industry, the requirements for construction cables are also gradually increasing. Cables used in the construction industry need a long service life, but also need to meet the application conditions of different occasions. Smooth building cable is a product developed by Silin for the special needs of the construction industry. The cable has good electrical and physical properties, and has the advantages of flame retardant, low smoke, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, sunlight resistance and surface lubrication. It is applied to 600v-2000v AC power transmission, and can be laid in the pipeline, trunking, corridor and cable trench. At present, the cable technology belongs to Pioneered in China, the electrical and mechanical physical properties of cables are among the world’s leading.

In the field of medical application, the medical detection sheath cable independently developed and manufactured by Silin adopts aluminum alloy interlocking armor, which has certain mechanical properties, can effectively prevent mice from gnawing, and plays the function of shielding electromagnetic wave radiation. The armored protective layer effectively improves the tensile, compressive, soft and corrosion resistance of the cable. The product can be used as the connecting cable of the medical system’s ray detection and treatment instrument, and can meet the special application in the medical field.

As a leading technology enterprise in cable industry, Silin has always adhered to the value of “people-oriented, innovation oriented, technology-based and market-oriented”, and constantly increased investment in scientific and technological research and development. So far, Silin has obtained 22 patented technologies.

With the rapid development of high and new technology, Silin will actively explore the development and application of cable high and new technology. And will continue to increase R & D efforts, explore the R & D and application of cutting-edge new technology, consolidate product innovation ability, achieve rapid growth of social benefits, and bring more vitality to the development of high-tech.